Aerial of low water levels below Bidwell Bridge at Lake Oroville

Drought and Conservation

Saving water in a historic drought

Northern California is experiencing an unprecedented drought. While Zone 7 strategically plans for dry years, storing excess reserves in wet years in our local groundwater basin and in Kern County storage, we cannot make it through drought periods without the help of our community. Conservation is an important component to weathering droughts that are now a way of life for Californians.

Through new and improved water conservation and rebate campaigns, we’re working to ensure our community has the resources and information it needs to ensure that no drop of water is wasted.

40% of average rainfall received as of June 2021

2,177 visitors to new conservation and rebates section of website

24,888 Water Wise Wendy video views

Water Wise Wendy

In March, we launched Water Wise Wendy, a campaign focused on leak messaging aligned with Fix-a-Leak Week to encourage our community to save water by finding and fixing leaks. The effort shifted to outdoor conservation opportunities in spring and summer months when outdoor use is highest.

Water Wise Infographics

To help engage the public in understanding the severity of the drought, we created easy-to-read infographics on the status of our rainfall and water storage. The infographics were updated monthly and shared on social media to encourage the Tri-Valley community to focus on being water-wise during this historic drought. 


Zone 7 continued to offer three separate rebates to incentivize water-wise lifestyles. During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, we were able to provide the following water-saving rebates to the Tri-Valley community:

148 High-efficiency Clothes Washer rebates

4 Water-Efficient Lawn Conversion rebates

140 Weather-Based Irrigation Controller rebates

Tri-Valley Water-Wise Gardening 

up to 60% water savings over grass lawns

Did you know the biggest water-waster in most homes is a thirsty grass lawn? That greedy grass can use up to 60% of a household’s water! By replacing grass with native, drought resistant landscaping, you can cut your water-use in half and enjoy a beautiful, colorful water-wise yard. Our custom website has plenty of ideas for you to get started! Visit  

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Flood Protection

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