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Connecting with the Tri-Valley Community

Proactive Communications and Outreach

Zone 7 has made tremendous strides in improving community engagement and outreach efforts, in alignment with the agency’s Strategic Plan goals and the updated strategic communications plan put into place last year. As outlined in the plan, the agency has been proactively addressing outreach needs by making information easier to understand, more readily accessible, and by actively delivering important information into the community. Key examples of those efforts include the newly designed website, the launch of an educational water quality campaign, a flood preparedness educational series and a new water conservation effort, each outlined below. 

210% Facebook Page like increase from 2020

27,729 Total website visitors

39 Newsletters sent

Significant Achievements in Community Engagement

Redesigned Website

Zone 7 debuted a newly redesigned website at in June of 2021 featuring a vibrant new design with upgraded cybersecurity protocols, entirely new site navigation structure and refreshed copy, photography and other content to make it easy for the public to find information.

Wondrous World of Water

The agency launched The Wondrous World of Water, a new water quality educational campaign with the release of the July 2020 annual water quality report, followed by the release of infographics, videos, animated GIFs and other materials that helped make the complex world of water quality much easier to understand.

Flood Ready Freddy

To increase community-wide flood preparedness, Zone 7 kicked-off California’s Flood Preparedness Week by introducing emergency preparedness guru Flood Ready Freddy with a video series of flood preparedness tips!

Water Wise Wendy

The agency’s new water conservation series features Water Wise Wendy, little sister to the familiar face of Flood Ready Freddy, with a little more flair and lots more costumes 😊, she is always nearby with a water-saving tip to save the day—or at least some water!

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