Person standing and looking to the side at Del Valle Water Treatment Plant

Essential Workers

Delivering quality, reliability and safety

The dedication and commitment of our public servants at Zone 7 has never been clearer. Despite navigating uncharted territory during the global pandemic for the past two years, their steadfastness in delivering on our commitment to provide clean, safe, and reliable drinking water has not wavered. Our water treatment plants continue to produce efficiently, important maintenance is completed as scheduled, finances are managed prudently, water supply planning, which is so critical during this historic drought, is modeled and continually refined, and engineering and construction projects continue as planned. 

Board of Directors & Office of the General Manager • 15

Zone 7 administration guides our long-term strategy and helps lead our organization with the help of legal counsel, public outreach and administrative support.

Water Production • 55
Operators • 29 | Maintenance • 26

Water operators work in shifts to ensure 24 hour coverage at our two water treatment plants. Maintenance workers range from mechanics to electricians to safety techs who keep all equipment running smoothly and the flood protection system safely maintained.

Engineering • 22

A team of flood control, water supply and water quality engineers ensure our infrastructure now and in the future is top-notch.

Integrated Water Resources • 17

A team of engineers, geologists and planners strategically and sustainably manage our water supply system.

Finance • 15

This department responsibly manages our financial and human resources to ensure a strong future for Zone 7.

Working together, our team has not only ensured that the important work at Zone 7 continues through the pandemic, but they have found ways to remain strong and resilient despite the challenges of working remotely as our office staff have done or with strict safety precautions for those that must be out in the field each and every day.

We give special thanks to our essential workers.

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Financial Update

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