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President’s Message

Welcome to our Fiscal Year 2020–2021 Annual Report

Welcome to our fiscal year 2020-2021 annual report. We have moved to an online digital format for our annual report this year as part of our effort to make information more readily available to our community. This format allows us to take advantage of screen reading technology to make our annual report ADA accessible, and aligns with our sustainability efforts by avoiding printing. We hope you enjoy our new interactive format with updates on how Zone 7 worked through another difficult year.

This report covers July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 – a complete year of the coronavirus pandemic, and the driest year on record for the Tri-Valley as drought conditions became more extreme. Through these challenges, our staff have maintained service and safety levels, continuing to deliver high-quality treated water to the Tri-Valley community. In addition, our staff have maintained daily operations and continue to make progress on major infrastructure projects that improve water quality, reliability, and flood protection for our region.

Reliable water is critical to an economically and environmentally vibrant community. Providing that service is increasingly complex as Zone 7 manages numerous challenges including climate change, labor and supply shortages, and the pandemic. Despite these challenges, over the last twelve months we have continued investment in several projects for study and evaluation that may be future solutions to our water supply and storage needs. These include Los Vaqueros Reservoir expansion for local storage, Delta Conveyance for better reliability, Sites Reservoir Project for new supply, regional desalination efforts, and potable reuse for a local supply option.

Finding new sources of water for more than a quarter million people is no easy feat, but the drought made the need for prioritizing water supply and storage paramount. We are working toward solutions to sustain the Tri-Valley community for generations to come.

With only a fraction of the average rainfall we normally receive, and reduced allocations from the State Water Project, careful planning kept us positioned to continue to meet the water demands of our retailers, using a combination of banked water from our sustainably managed local groundwater basin and our partner basins in Southern California and our local water supply. We were also proactive in securing water transfers in a volatile water market early in the year, to supplement reduced SWP deliveries. The last piece of the puzzle was calling on our amazing and resilient community. In partnership with our retailers and the people of the Tri-Valley, we have made significant strides in water conservation to ensure we have enough supplies to weather this historic drought.

Moving into the future, we are confident our staff will continue to deliver the excellent service our community has come to expect. As we weather the challenges of the drought and the pandemic, we appreciate the dedication of each of our staff members who are committed to serving the needs of our community. We appreciate your support and look forward to another productive year ahead.

Lastly, we can’t close without saying thank you to our community for conserving 8% of their water use in 2021 and we hope you will continue to push toward meeting the goal of 15% conservation as we’re not out of the drought yet. As we begin a new year, hopeful and optimistic that we’ll see a return to normal and more rain to quench our depleted reservoirs, we must continue to keep our focus on the long term and what we can do together as a community. We’re committed to supporting you in these efforts to save water by providing a robust offering of rebates, water-saving resources, and outreach and education programs. Water is a precious resource and there isn’t a drop to waste.


Olivia Sanwong
President – Fiscal Year 2020-21

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