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Strategic Goals Update

Making Progress on The Strategic Plan

In June of 2020, the Zone 7 Board of Directors adopted the 2020-2024 Five-Year Strategic Plan. The plan establishes a framework for addressing the challenges of maintaining reliable and high-quality water and flood protection service for the Tri-Valley area. The plan outlines 24 major strategic plan initiatives to support the agency’s vision, mission, goals and values. These strategic plan initiatives are the key actions planned over a five-year period to achieve the outcomes identified in the strategic plan goals. Staff have provided an update on the first year of progress on the activities within each of these initiatives.  

Goal A • Reliable Water Supply and Infrastructure

1. Establish a diversified water supply plan

2. Evaluate and develop appropriate new water supply and reliability opportunities

3. Continue to effectively implement infrastructure projects in the Water System Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Goal B • Safe Water

4. Implement Ozone

5. Meet or surpass all drinking water health and safety requirements

6. Assess treatment requirements and strategy for PFAS and CR6

Goal C • Groundwater Management

7. Manage the GSA and implement the groundwater management plan

8. Study and refine knowledge of the groundwater basins

Goal D • Effective Flood Protection

9. Continue to maintain the flood protection system

10. Update the flood protection strategy

Goal E • Effective Operations

11. Review professional development approach to maintain workforce capability for now and into the future

12. Review and develop strategies for water treatment operator recruitment and retention

13. Review and update Board policies

14. Evaluate current program to increase ratio of preventative to reactive maintenance

15. Optimize the procurement process

16. Develop and implement an energy strategy

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