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President’s Message

Welcome to our Fiscal Year 2021–2022 Annual Report

Dear Tri-Valley community,

We are pleased to present our 2022 annual report to the residents and businesses of the Tri-Valley. We are continuing with an online format in alignment with our commitment to transparency, accessibility, and sustainability. This report shares key accomplishments and the highlights of our progress during the fiscal year between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, in an interactive format for our community to learn about impactful water and flood management operations.

The 2021-2022 year marked the third year of extreme drought conditions with record-breaking low precipitation negatively affecting system-wide reservoir levels and groundwater basins. In response, and in alignment with statewide efforts, we declared a local drought emergency allowing us the flexibility to take immediate actions including:

  • Expediting critical water reliability infrastructure projects including the completion of the Valley Booster Pump Station to relieve pressure on our groundwater production wells and increase water reliability during surface water emergencies.
  • Increasing rebate amounts for Water Efficient Lawn Conversions, an important community-based water conservation effort that produces long-term water savings.
  • Collaborating more closely with retail partner agencies on drought and conservation messaging to engage the community in saving water.

We offer our sincere appreciation to the entire Tri-Valley community for answering our conservation call and reducing water consumption by a total of 10% throughout the year.

Water conservation is an integral part of our long-term water reliability efforts along with many reliability projects we are making progress on to ensure our future water supply. Highlights of progress made on key water supply projects during the year include:

  • Working collaboratively with eight regional water agencies to form a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) for the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project, an effort to increase the reservoir’s capacity and build a pipeline to connect it to the South Bay Aqueduct. I was honored to be selected as chair of this JPA to help guide our regional partnership forward.
  • Continuing participation in the Sites Reservoir Project, an effort to construct a new 1.5 million acre-foot off-stream reservoir to capture and store stormwater flows from the Sacramento River increasing Northern California’s surface storage capacity by 15%.
  • Approving funding for continued participation in the four-year planning phase of the Delta Conveyance Project, a project to add new conveyance facilities in the Delta. The project includes two new intakes and a new tunnel to move water through a network of waterways in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the hub of the State Water Project, California’s most critical water delivery infrastructure.

Another important accomplishment this year was the completion of the upgrades to the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant. Zone 7 invested in major upgrades of both our surface water treatment plants to switch to ozone as the primary disinfectant, making the treatment process more efficient and improving water quality to better serve the community. The ribbon-cutting ceremony in June of 2022 celebrated the successful completion of this three-year upgrade.

Finally, as we make headway on long-term water reliability in preparation for water scarcity in California’s unpredictable climate, we simultaneously prepare for rainy years with comprehensive flood management. In June 2022, the board adopted Phase 1 of a new Flood Management Plan, Phase 2 is now underway including implementation, capital improvement, funding, and public engagement.

All of these efforts take place while Zone 7 staff maintained daily operations, delivered high-quality, safe water, and effectively managed 37 miles of flood control channels. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we say thank you to our staff and retail partners for their unwavering commitment to public service and exceptional performance in caring for the Tri-Valley.

Angela Ramirez Holmes
President (2021-2022 Fiscal Year)
Zone 7 Water Agency Board of Directors

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