Area of Patterson Pass Treatment plant

Zone 7 At a Glance

We deliver safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable water and flood protection services.

24,120 acre-feet of water imported through the Delta

15,685 acre-feet of groundwater pumped from the local basin storage

2,730 acre-feet used locally from Lake Del Valle Reservoir

Our Mission

We provide excellent water and flood protection services to enhance the quality of life, economic vitality and environmental health of the communities we serve.

Our Values


We operate in an open and transparent fashion.

Customer Service

We are prompt, respectful and courteous in all of our interactions.


We embrace collaboration to enhance our services.

Environmental Sustainability

We deliver our services in an environmentally-sensitive manner.

Fiscal Responsibility

We operate in a productive, cost effective, and efficient manner.


We encourage innovation, creativity, and ingenuity.


We maintain the highest ethical standards and open, honest communications.


We maintain a diverse team of highly skilled professionals devoted to honest and accountable stewardship of our resources.


We proactively address issues and embrace continuous improvement.


We are committed to public and employee safety.

Our Goals

GOAL A • Reliable Water and Supply Infrastructure • Provide customers with reliable water supply and infrastructure.

GOAL B • Safe Water • Provide customers with safe water. 

GOAL C • Groundwater Management • Manage and protect the groundwater basin as the State designated Groundwater Sustainability Agency. 

GOAL D • Effective Flood Protection • Provide an effective system of flood protection. 

GOAL E • Effective Operations • Provide the Agency with effective leadership, administration, and governance. 

GOAL F • Stakeholder Engagement • Engage our stakeholders to foster understanding of their needs, the Agency, and its functions. 

GOAL G • Fiscal Responsibility • Operate the Agency in a fiscally-responsible manner.

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